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Freedom Airsports supplies the following hanggliding and sailplane accessories

  •  Hall asi's Hall ASI's
    • Airspeed Indicator for hang gliders, paragliders and ultralights,
    • Airspeed is indicated by the floating red disc,
    • Available in Standard and Small sizes 7.5, 4.5 in
    • Never needs batteries
    • Long ASI 7-55 mph or 7-80 mph (specify)
    • Short ASI 7-30 mph or 7-70 mph (specify)
    Hall short bracket Short ASI bracket
    • Used when there is a convenient tube near pilot.
    • Clamps to round tubing between 22 and 28mm in diameter.
    Hall long bracket Long ASI bracket
    • Used when an extension is needed to put Indicator in a more convenient position
    • Clamps to streamlined or 25-38mm dia. Round tubing.
    Hall para bracket Paraglider bracket

    • Used to mount the Small Hall Airspeed Indicator to the riser.


    Hall wheels Hall wheels
    • Hang Glider Control Bar Wheels
    • 125mm diameter
    • Rugged, tough, light ABS plastic,
    • Flush mounting hub
    • Clamps to round 25 or 28mm dia. control bar (specify)
    • Drilled for VG cord
     drogue chute
     Aeros droguechute
     windsock  Windsocks
    •  3 sizes
    • 30cm x 210cm
    • 15cm x 120cm
    • 10cm x 65cm
     Icom NiMH battery  Icom 40S NiMH radio battery
    •  9.6V NiMH Icom 40S sealed battery
    • 2000mAHr capacity (about twice standard Icom NiCad pack)
     Icom battery charger  Icom 40S charger
    • Charges NiMH or NiCad batteries
    • Use with whole radio or just battery pack
    • Comes with 240V wall adapter
    • Car adapter available
     Aeros bar mitts  Aeros bar mitts
    • velcros onto base bar
    • zip pocket in one mitt
    • no fabric tube inside so your hand grips bar directly
     Tuff gloves  Tuff waterproof and windproof gloves
    • Waterproof
    • Windproof
    • Breathable fabric
    • Reinforcing on the palms for grip and durability
    • Long cuff
     Nike gloves  Nike windproof gloves
    •  Windproof
    • Breathable fabric
    • Super grippy palms
    • Long cuff
     Fox gloves  Fox gloves
    • Lightweight full finger gloves
    • Not windproof but keeps some wind out and your skin on!
     Insulated drink bladder  Insulated drink bladder
    • 2 litre capacity
    • Insulated reinforced container
    • Angled bite valve
    • 5 webbing loops down each side for securing in harness or cockpit

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